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Why Us?

Why Choose Metro?
The fact is that most utility bills contain errors

Metropolitan Refunds has demonstrated that most properties have errors in their utility and property tax bills. However, there is a big difference between knowing or suspecting an error, and finding and correcting one. We have demonstrated time and again the value of our services when we find and correct errors and implement cost savings opportunities after other firms have failed.

What an audit entails

A typical audit can be completed in 30 days. Metropolitan Refunds prides itself in conducting a thorough audit utilizing skilled staff and proprietary software. Our audits are conducted in such a manner that it requires minimal involvement from your staff.

Risk Free Offer - Metropolitan Refunds’ Fee

Metropolitan Refunds does not get paid, unless your company receives a refund, credit, or savings. We are usually engaged on a contingency fee basis such that if no savings is obtained, no fee is due.

There is Nothing to Lose…

Except the potential benefit that Metropolitan Refunds may uncover. In the event no savings is obtained, you have the benefit of knowing, free of charge, that Metropolitan Refunds’ experts believe your property has been billed correctly. Give us the opportunity to demonstrate the value we can bring to your organization.

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